Take your mahjong solitaire into the next dimension!

The ultimate mahjong solitaire game for macintosh, Mah Jong Solitaire 2 features nine different game modes, including: memory, tile pickup, stacker and flowers and seasons.

Rendered in stunning 3D with 12 high quality tilesets, with beautiful backgrounds shot around New Zealand, Mah Jong Solitaire 2 is the premier puzzle game for Macintosh.

Listen to music while you play or use the onscreen iTunes controls, Mah Jong Solitaire 2 uses the full power of the Macintosh®. Play one of the 55 layouts or design your own in the layout editor.

Try the free demo today, and find out why MJS2 has so many fans on the Macintosh®.


•OpenGL 3D Graphics

•Particle effects

•Built in music player

•Built in layout browser, remembers your last played layouts!

•Play statistics

•Undo, Shuffle, Suggest and many other help options

•Five difficulty options

•Seven game modes including memory, two turns, and classic.

•Make your own layouts using the editor

•Use your own backgrounds

•12 different high quality tilesets

•55 Layouts

•High quality backgrounds, some shot around New Zealand

•Music playlist editor

•Saves your high scores

•Random layout generator

•Built from the ground up only for Mac OS X

•Game replays

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