Origins, Rules, Strategies of Mahjong and Online Solitaires

Mahjong is one of the oldest and most traditional game. It was first developed and played in China during the period of the Qing dynasty. It didn’t take long for Mahjong to spread and gain popularity all across the world. Nowadays, you can find Mahjong pretty much everywhere. Most local souvenir and game shops usually have a set, or you can easily find one online on popular retail sites.

In addition to that, there is also a digital version of the game. If you ever had a computer, chances are high that you played mahjong solitaire games on it. There are also casinos that have Mahjong solitaire games as well. In addition to that you can play mahjong solitaire games online as well. There are many online casinos nowadays where you can enjoy popular casino games and slot games. There are many online casinos nowadays where you can enjoy popular casino games and slot games. And all for free, too, if you are smart enough to use the no deposit codes provided by many Canadian online casinos. For instance, Sports Interaction offers you many no deposit bonus codes – take full advantage of them and play free Roulette. Casino bonuses and promotions are the best way to have a free preview of the games, options.

Origin and Rules of Mahjong

Like we mentioned in the paragraph above, Mahjong’s origins are coming from China, where it was first developed and played, in the time of the Qing dynasty (1636-1912). As it spread all across the world it also changed. There are different variations of the mahjong and mahjong solitaire games, each with its unique mahjong solitaire rules. However, over here we’ll stick to the first and classic version of Mahjong and its rules.

The purpose of the game and wining it, is to get a mahjong. That consists of getting all of the 14 tiles into four sets and a pair (two identical tiles). A set can either be a “chow” (a run of 3 consecutive number of the same suit) or a “pung” (3 identical tiles). Also an important rule states that a single tile can’t be used in two sets simultaneously.

Different Variations of the Game

Like we mentioned in the paragraph above, there are different variations of mahjong and mahjong solitaire games, each with its own mahjong solitaire rules. Starting from the beginning, when it was developed in China, the game has gone through some changes. That is quite understandable since the game has been played all across the world, it is only natural that certain cultures will influence the game.

For instance, the game is usually played by four players. However there are many variations of mahjong solitaire games, along with mahjong solitaire rules. There is also a three player variation of this game that can be found in South Korea, Japan and Southeast Asia. There are also certain variations of this game in other parts of Asia. It is also widely popular with the Western countries too. In addition to this, the game also exists as an online variation too, available in most online casinos. It can be found on this beautiful French online casino where the deals are always fair and the games are always fresh. Coupled with a huge thriving community of players, you can’t help but stay and play.

Mahjong Solitaire Online Games

Like we mentioned in the paragraph above there are online variations of mahjong. These are usually found in an online casino. An online casino is a perfect way to kick back, relax, play a couple of games of mahjong and who knows, you might end up winning some real money. These casinos also include most of the popular casino games and slot games.

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Mathematical Analysis and Strategies

When you play with regular hands, there are exactly 11,369,205,075,492 combinations possible in Mahjong, making it one of the games that requires a lot of practice and discipline to perfect. This is why, we suggest playing for some time, practicing and not getting frustrated if you lose the first couple of times. After all, there are some games that canโ€™t be solved at all โ€“ specifically, about 2,95% of the games in Mahjong cannot be possibly solved, by anyone.

Still, the best strategy you can use in Mahjong is to remember the moves youโ€™ve did, and try to analyze what youโ€™ve did wrong in the previous games, and try to avoid that in the following ones.