Play Sudoku and Kakuro against the world in style

Take the easy route to playing Sudoku. Easy Sudoku has five different variations of the game, with more to come. Compete against players from around the world for the best time in five different difficulty settings. For a real challenge play Sudoku on a giant 3D cube.

The game has a simple interface without the usual fiddly controls associated with Sudoku games.

You can even use your own backgrounds. The game also has a scratchpad for noting down missing numbers.

The full game has four different symbol sets and 5 different game modes, including classic, color, x factor, Cubeduko and hyper suduko.


• 3D Graphics and particle effects, custom built for the power of Macintosh

• Builds a Unique puzzle every time, 6,670,903,752,021,072,936,960 different combinations

• Play Classic Sudoku, X Factor, Color, Cubedoku or Hyper Sudoku

• Simple interface with big buttons, scratchpad in a separate window to reduce complexity

• Relaxing music, which can be turned off!

• Undo, Suggest and many other help options

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